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Are you looking to get into commercial real estate or property rentals in Maine?  Or do you need expert advice on expanding and optimizing your existing real estate portfolio? 

Are you buying or selling a home, and need assistance with a thorny issue that the brokers can’t seem to settle? 

Perhaps, you are looking for ways to obtain a permit for your latest construction project?

No matter what real estate opportunity or problem you are facing, look no further than Weinstein, Lovell & Ordway, P.A. for the solution.

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Weinstein, Lovell & Ordway, P.A. is a respected name among property owners in Southern Maine and beyond. We offer expert legal advice and consultation services for purchasing, developing, leasing, and selling all types of properties, for both commercial and residential purposes. 

Our team of skilled attorneys is known for its timely responses and attention to detail. With years of experience in the field, our lawyers can help you overcome all types of real estate challenges effectively and efficiently, without draining your hard-earned money in the process. 

At Weinstein, Lovell & Ordway, P.A., we are proud to serve a diverse clientele. Since the company’s inception, we have helped both large and small local businesses and individual property owners navigate their way successfully around Maine real estate rules and regulations.

We are confident we can help you too!

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Know Your Way Around the Real Estate World

At Weinstein, Lovell & Ordway, P.A., we provide legal services for private property owners and businesses throughout the Pine Tree State.

From offering legal analysis on real estate transactions to assisting with zoning and permitting, real estate financing and mortgages, condominium and homeowners’ associations, and more, you can count on us to guide you through your complex real estate matters.

Contact us now for an online consultation. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, scroll below to see what particular areas of real estate law that we frequently help our clients address.

Real Solutions for Your Real Estate Problems

Acquisition and Finance; Commercial and Residential Mortgages

Do you need to secure financing to build your existing commercial real estate portfolio?  Exploring your first commercial property and looking to expand your monetary reach? The world of real estate finance can be intimidating and technical – it helps to have an experienced eye on your side.  Our attorneys have worked extensively with banks and private lenders on standard and bespoke loan arrangements to meet a diverse variety of client financing needs. Whether you wish to purchase with the intent of inhabiting, developing, or fixing and flipping, a real estate legal advisor can help you find an effective way to finance the deal.

Commercial and Residential Closings

As the name suggests, a real estate closing is the final step in executing a property transaction. Depending on the specifics of the transaction, a closing can be relatively straightforward or dauntingly complex.  In either case, it helps to have an experienced hand to carefully prepare and keep closing documentation organized, to coordinate with all of the various parties involved, and ensure that the closing goes smoothly. Our attorneys can guide buyers and sellers through all of the steps preparing for and completing closing, including drafting and filing deeds and documents of transfer, preparing and coordinating with lenders and borrowers on mortgage and loan documents, coordinating with title insurers, ensuring the correct tax and regulatory forms are signed, and more.  

Let Weinstein, Lovell & Ordway, P.A. help you through the closing steps efficiently and securely so you can get on with your commercial property business with confidence


Foreclosure is a legal process through which a lender seeks to recover a property that secures a loan or lien that has not been paid.  

If you are a lender or lienholder looking for guidance on the foreclosure process, a purchaser looking to buying a foreclosed home, or dealing with foreclosure itself, give us a call to discuss the legal intricacies surrounding this process.

Condominium Formation 

Forming a condominium association can be a great way to expand the possibilities for your property. But if you are converting a building into a condominium, there are a number of rules and regulations that you need to be aware of, and important legal documents, including the condominium declaration and the bylaws, that will affect how decisions are made for your condominium for years to come. 

Do not wait to get help. Our experienced attorneys can help you avoid common pitfalls and create a condominium governance structure that helps your new condominium community to operate smoothly and effectively in the future.  

Condominium Board and Association Advice

The day-to-day operations and governance of a condominium association can raise a surprising variety of legal issues.  Our attorneys have assisted numerous condominium associations and boards of directors with the interpretation of declarations and bylaws, guidance on meetings, voting, and other governance matters, collections of unpaid condominium assessments, foreclosures of condominium liens, condominium insurance questions, and more.  

Everyone in your condominium association likely has another job to do. Let our experienced condominium attorneys lend a helping hand with your condominium issues so you can focus on enjoying your property.

Homeowners Associations

A Homeowner’s association (HOA) is an organization that typically governs some aspects of planned developments. HOAs are often responsible for maintaining and operating communal areas, enforcing rules and regulations to protect the character and atmosphere of the neighborhood, and ensuring the general livability for its residents. 

If you are thinking of forming an HOA, then our attorneys can help you think into the future and draft governing documents that anticipate potential issues and help you secure the best aspects of your neighborhood.  

Our attorneys also advise existing HOAs on their corporate governance questions, questions on rules and regulations, and more.  

Zoning, Land Use, and Subdivision Permitting

Getting ready to develop a new commercial or residential property?  Do you wish to divide your property and sell some of the new lots? Or just imagining new expansion possibilities for your home or business? If that’s the case, zoning laws, building permits, and planning board and subdivision approvals are likely to be an important initial consideration.  Our attorneys have helped numerous clients with their zoning questions and working through local government approval processes.  As a law firm with local roots, we work closely with local governments, builders, surveyors, and more to help your new development get across the finish line efficiently.

Come in today to discuss your plans for land use with our attorneys to see what documents you may require.

Construction Contracts / Subcontractor Agreements

Constructing a new building or making improvements or repairs can be an exciting prospect.  But how to ensure your interests are protected when you are hiring an unfamiliar contractor, or when you are a developer subcontracting work? Our attorneys work with builders, developers, and homeowners to help negotiate and review construction and subcontractor agreements to help you avoid surprises and protect your real estate investment. 

We can not only help you prepare a comprehensive agreement that protects your interests but also help you review a contract that the other party may have already drafted for you to sign.

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s liens, sometimes also called construction liens, are important to understand if you are planning construction or having work done on your property. Mechanics liens are legal claims against the property by a contractor or other service provider that provided work or materials for the construction or improvement of the property and is claiming that they did not receive payment. Whether you are a property owner looking to clear a mechanics lien or understand what it means for your property, or a contractor looking to recover what you are owed, our attorneys can help you understand the rules addressing these claims and help you find a practical path forward. 

Family Vacation Home Transfers and Agreements 

Family vacation homes hold warm memories, and it is no surprise that Maine families want to protect and enjoy them for years to come.  Our attorneys have helped families create and implement long term plans for keeping that family camp in the family, and protecting and maintaining it for future generations.  We’ll work with you and your family to find a management solution and succession plan tailored to your family’s specific needs and situation, so you can focus on the good times to come with your loved ones.

Maine real estate law may be a complicated field, but we are here to help. Get in touch with Weinstein, Lovell & Ordway, P.A.’s knowledgeable real estate attorneys to start solving your property problems today.

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